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The Leeds & Liverpool Canal, a history and guide was researched and written by Mike. Published in 1990, it was short-listed for the Portico Prize and is regarded as the definitive history of the canal.

Amongst the other books he has written are several about canals in northern England. All publications are fully researched, and designed so that the interested lay-person can easily understand technical, economic and historical detail.

Full DTP facilities are available, and books and leaflets can be taken from the research stage through to publication. Technical translation from German is also possible.

Mike translated Canal Lifts and Inclines of the World from German, editing and enlarging the text, and finally typesetting the text and illustrations, ready for publication.

Mike has designed the layout of many books on Lancashire history as well as Waterways Journal, the annual periodical on canal history published by The Boat Museum Society. Boat Museum Society Waterways Journal Page where there is a link to an order form.

Research has been undertaken to order, such as the history of Padiham Power Station, compiled for National Power to commemorate the station's closure in 1993, bringing to an end one hundred years of electric power generation in East Lancashire. Here you can see a chronology produced for the booklet.

Other publications completed include Railway on the Water; and The Aire & Calder Navigation in the Images of Britain Series; numerous papers have also been published, including those on Liverpool's Dock Engineers, in particular Thomas Steers who was the first to hold this position. A recent paper looked at John Rennie's involvement with the design of the Rochdale Canal for the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Articles on the origin of the canal narrow boat, the Douglas Navigation, the general cargo fleet on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, the day-to-day operation of the Rochdale Canal, and on the transfer of technology between Britain and Prussia around the start of the nineteenth century have also been published.

Other Leeds & Liverpool Canal history books are Liverpool and its Canal which includes details of the new canal across Pier Head in Liverpool, and a book on the boat-painting traditions of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Brightwork, the name given to the tradition by boat yard workers.


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Brightwork, Traditional Paintwork on Leeds & Liverpool Canal Boats, Milepost Research, 2009, ISBN 0-9519236-2-5

The Leeds & Liverpool Canal: Its History and Heritage, Milepost Research, 2012, ISBN 0-9519236-3-3



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Conference Papers

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Environmental Problems on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, TICCIH Conference, Freiberg, 2010

The Historical Character of English Canals and Its Conservation, Historic Waterways Symposium, Alphen aan de Rijn, December 2010


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