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I have owned several vintage and historic cars. The earliest was a Morris 10/4 shooting brake conversion which was rescued for ground which flooded near Frodsham Lock on the old Weaver Navigation. This was followed by several Riley 9s - two Monacos and a Kestrel which I made into a two-seater special, my only road vehicle for several years. My current vintage car is a 1927 Lancia Lambda. This is well-known as the car on the pub roof at Inskip, near Blackpool. I acquired the car in a very derelict state in 1979, and have since completely rebuilt it, with much help from Steve Hopkins of Specialised Autos.

Details of Lancia Lambda roller and thrust bearings.

The Lancia Lambda is an interesting car, and was very advanced for its day. Details of its construction as described in the 1928 American Machinist can be downloaded here.

Details of test hills used in the early 1920s.

Details of older spark plugs.

Two of the Rileys in 1970.

The Lambda as acquired in 1979.

Remaking the monocoque chassis. The car originally had a long platform chassis for a saloon body.

The body begins to take shape. All that remains of the original are the rear wheel arches, bonnet sides and the bulkhead and engine compartment.

Nearing completion in 1996. Work has since slowed as I have been travelling around Europe researching canals, but I have just restarted and hope to have the car ready soon.

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