Other historical canal documents


Miles of inland waterway in Britain, with future projections, 1699-2039.

Miles of inland waterway in Britain, with date of Act and opening, number of locks, and date for change or reopening for leisure use.


1796, An article by Derrick Hunt and Adrian Tuddenham about the history of Fussell's Balance Lock of 1796 on the Dorset & Somerset Canal.

1820, Prospectus for the Aire and Calder extension.

1820, prospectus for the English and Bristol Channel Ship Canal.

1831, William Fairburn, Remarks on Canal Navigation...use of steam power.

1833, John MacNeill, Resistance of Water to the Passage of Boats upon Canals.

1854, Henry Lund, Improvements in Steam Navigation... by tugging.

1881, Pamphlet against Sunday work on canals.

1893, Ship Railway used on the Union Canal, Scotland.

1910, Canal Children booklet by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

1917, leaflet describing concrete narrow boats.

1936, Inland Water Survey, Ministry of Health survey of water supplies.

1942, The first two chapters of Pownall's book on the Grand Contour Canal, published in 1942.

1976 M Hyde, BW water engineer, re canal water supplies


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