International Canal and Industrial Archaeology visits by Mike Clarke


1991       Sat 31 Aug, Lorenz Knauer, re L&LC film

1992       Mon 31 Aug, Duisburg, Hagen (1 Sept), Freilich Museum and Wuppertal (2nd), Bochum and Henrichensburg (3rd), Regensburg (4th), Munich (5th), Dorfprozelten (7-8th), Dusseldorf (Gčnther and Anita, 10th), return 11th, (by train)

1992       1-3 Dec, Lorenz Knauer, re L&LC film

1993       Tues 23 Mar, Altena (25-27), Munich (30), Bamberg, Dorfprozelten (2 April), WÜrth, Duisburg (5), Henrichenburg (6), return Wed 7 April

1993       22-23 Aug, Lorenz Knauer - working on Earth film, finding worms

1994       Tue 7 June, Germany, Emden (8th), Minden (9th), Rothensee (10th), Berlin, Niederfinow (13-14th), Dresden (16th), Freiberg (17th). Dorfprozelten (18th), Ruhr (20th), return 21st.

1994       Sun 4th Sept, Germany, Lauenburg (6th), Bederkesa (8th-10th), Return Sun 11th.

1995       Wed 29 March, Belgium, France, Paris (31st), Orleans, Briare, Nivernais (1st), Bourgougne (2nd), Berry (3rd), Canal de Lalinde (4th), Canal du Midi 5-6th), to Italy, Milan (8th), Mantova (9th), Switzerland (10th), Mulhouse (11th), Arzviller (12th), St Quentin (14th), Paris (15th), Charleville (16th), La louviere (18th), Brussels and return 19th.

1995       Sat 27 May to Germany, Dorfprozelten to Linz with Gčnter and Anita, Berlin (2nd), Kiel (5th), Mecklenburg (7th), Gdansk (8th), Elblag (9th), Berlin (12-13th), Halsbrčcke (14th), Vienna (15-16th), Budapest (17-18th), Zlin (19th), Prague (21-22nd), Dorfprozelten (24-25th), return 27th.

1995       Sun 20th Aug, Russia, Moscow (21-22), St Petersburg (23-24th), Riga (25-26th), St Petersburg (27th), Lapeenranta (28-29th), return 30th.

1995       17-18th November, Amsterdam for exhibition

1996       Sat 14 Jan to Berlin, Tues 16 Jan to Riga for Baltic conference on the History of Science, back to Berlin Sun 21 Jan, return home Tues 23 Jan.

1996       Tues 14 May, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod for Water Transport Academy, Sun 19 May, St Petersburg, Tues 21 May, Moscow and return.

1996       Sat 1 June, Belgium via Rotterdam, Tues 4 June, Rotterdam?, Fri 7 June, Berlin, Tues 11 for Finow Canal, Kiel Canal, Fri 14, Bremerhafen, Mon 17 June, return from Berlin

1996       Tues 2 July, Hans and Sigrid visit for Worsley, Anderton, Stanley Ferry, Ironbridge, Gloucester, Foxton, they return Sat 13 July from Manchester.

1996       Mon 19 Aug, Dresden, Prague (20/21th), Katowice area (22th), Wroclaw (29th), Sun 1st Sept, Gdansk for PIANC conference, Thurs 5 Sept, Kassel (DWG?), home Sun 8 Sept.

1997       Sun 20 April, Poland, Wroclaw, Gliwice (24-26 April), Warsaw (28 April), Torun, Tczew, Bydgoszcz (1 May), Berlin (2-7 May, with Historische Hafen lecture on Tues 6 May), Holland (8-11 May)

1997       Thur 5 June, Belgrade, Novi Sad (6th),  Iron Gates (9th), return 11th June

1997       Sept 5-14, Hans, Wolfram etc here for canal trip

1998       Mon 13 April, Poland, Gliwice (15-18), Wroclaw (19-21), Berlin (23-26), Dusseldorf (27-28 Anita and Gčnther)

1998       Sat 9-Wed 13 May, Toulouse for Canals Conference

1998       Fri 22 May-Wed 27 May, Tczew for icebreaking book launch

1998       Tues 6 Oct, Germany, Regensburg(7), Rosenheim (8-10), Neumarkt (Gčnther and Anita 12-13), return Thurs 15 Oct

1999       Sun 13 June, Lille for World Canals Conference, return Thur 17 June

1999       Thur 26 Aug, to Rotterdam, Berlin (29-31st), Wroclaw (Sept 1- 2nd), Kielce, Elblag, Gdansk (6-12th), Berlin, return 13th Sept.

1999       Sun 7th Nov, Dublin to give talk, return 9th.

1999       Wed 17th Nov, Amsterdam for Europort 99.

1999       Mon 6th Dec, Paris for conference, return Thurs 9th.

2000       Sun 18th June to Wed 21st, German study group.

2000       Tues 5th Sept, Henrichenburg?, Wroclaw, Berlin for Stade, Potsdam and Lauenburg, Henrichenburg (18th), return Tues 19th Sept.

2000       Fri 15th Dec, Munich, with Polish students, return Wed 20th Dec.

2001       Russia, Tues 17th, to Wroclaw, Sun 22nd April, Solovki, with Stasek and Vadim, return from Russia Fri 27th, return from Wroclaw 1st May.

2001       Tues 15th May, Dublin for World Canals Conference, return 20th.

2001       Sun 17th June, Netherlands, return 20th June.

2001       Russia, 14-31st July, Solovki, with Polish students, report on canal system and dry dock

2001       Mon 13th-15th, Netherlands to see Dr Kingma etc

2001       Mon 17th Sept, Wroclaw, 19th Walbrzych for canals in mines conference, Gdansk (25th), Torun/Lodz (26th), Kielce (27th), Wroclaw (28th-30th), return Tues 2nd Oct.

2002       Thurs 30th May, Henrichenburg for exhibition and talk, return 5th June.

2002       Russia, 4th July, Moscow, Vadim, Institute, library and canals around Moscow, return Wed 17th.

2002       Tues 27th Aug, Bochum, Henrichenburg, Berlin (30th-1st Sept), Wroclaw (3-4th), Slovakia, Bratislava (7-8th), Uden, Netherlands (10th), return Wed 11th Sept.

                  TICCIH Poland, Warsaw, Zyradow, Lodz, Chestochowa, Bielsko Biala

2002       Wed 25th Sept, Romania for conference, return 30th Sept.

2002       Mon 9th Dec, Le Creusot area of France as consultant, return Fri 13th Dec.

2003       June - Russian trip cancelled because of car accident

2003       Tue 23rd Sept, Romania for conference, return Mon 29th.

2003       Thur 16th Oct, Poland, for conference?, return Mon20th.

2004       Thurs 1st July, to Parthenay, return 16th.

2004       Thur 9th Sept, Poland for conference, return 12th.

2004       Tues 28th Sept, Romania for conference, return 4th Oct.

2005       Wed 4th May, Gdansk for conference?, return 8th.

2005       Russia, Thu 2nd June, Moscow and Solovki, with IHST Moscow, report on water mill, return Sun 19th.

2005       Sat 17th Sept, to Parthenay, for Loire festival, return Tue 27th.

2005       1st-5th Oct, Vadim visits us.

2006       Russia,7th-25th  July, Kargopol, with IHST Moscow, inspect Onega lock remains and water power sites, Nizhny Novgorod

2008       Sat 23rd Feb, Guido Fackler here until 25th

2008       Wed 18th June, Portugal, return 25th.

2009       Sun 23rd Aug, Germany for Wčrzburg, Freiberg conference, Berlin, return 5th Oct

2009       Wed 23rd Sept, Yangzhou, return Sun 28th

2010       March Yuan and Harry visit.

2010       Sat 15th May, Mosel valley, return 25th.

2010       Thur 23rd Sept, Yangzhou and Nanjing, return 2nd Oct.

2010       Wed 1st Dec, Holland for conference, return 2nd.

2011       2nd-9th April, Prague area and Leipzig area for study tour, return via Berlin.

2012       June, Kestert in the Rhine Gorge, Siegburg (DWG meeting), Baden-Baden and Gorinchem

2013       September, Toulouse for WCC

2013       September, Yangzhou and Shanghai for Canal Expo