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The following are A4 booklets about different aspects of the canal, produced to help volunteers who work on Kennet, the L&LC Society's heritage boat.

Along the L&LC - historical articles and notes about places along the canal.

Building and maintaining the canal

Cargo movements - where were cargoes carried? Eight examples are considered.

Changes - how the canal and local industries altered from 1770 to 1960.

History - a brief outline, with the original text of the prospectus for the canal.

Kennet and boating - information about Canal Transport Limited after the 2WW, with examples of earlier boat movements.

Locks - what is special about L&LC locks? A look at the development of lock technology on the canal.

Operating the boats

Warehousing and 20th century

Water supply - where did the water for the canal come from, and how was it controlled.


These are some of the interpretation displays on board Kennet.

Horse towage.

Moving the goods. How was merchandise traffic controlled?

Water supply.


Ice breaking.

Cargoes - Limestone.

Cargoes - Coal.

Cargoes - Grain.


Other information about the Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Horse boating - a brief look at how horses were used on the canal.


Historical bridge names on the canal

Map showing the route of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Information about traditional boat painting on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Leaflet about setting up interpretation panels at Johnsons Hillock locks, working with blind and partially-sighted people.

Pattern for a Leeds and Liverpool Canal boatmen's gansey. - these were part of the traditional costume for boatmen on the L&LC.

The World Heritage Site in Liverpool.

The World Heritage Site at Saltaire.


Leeds and Liverpool Canal historical documents

1768 prospectus for the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

1770 Settle Canal prospectus.

1772 Against the Liverpool Canal. This was a proposed canal in opposition to the L&LC.

1785 Report on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

1787 Report on the coal trade.

1788 Hustler's proposal for a deviation of the route.

1789 Hustler on completing the canal.

1789 Whitworth's report of the deviation.

1789 Report on the canal.

1792 Whyman's criticism of the deviation.

1793 Priestley's answer to the criticism.

1793 Case for the deviation of the canal.

1793 Details of the deviation.

1814 Report on the canal's finances.

1930 specification for a wooden Leeds and Liverpool Canal boat.

The historical names of the bridges on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.


Leeds & Liverpool Canal Proprietors

1789 list of proprietors

1842 list of proprietors


Leeds & Liverpool Canal Byelaws

1774 canal byelaws, single A4 page.

1786 canal byelaws.

1823 canal byelaws, published in 1875.

1876 canal byelaws.

1908 canal byelaws.

1891 and 1932 additional canal byelaws.


Reports under the Public Heath Act

These were presented to the General Board of Health and looked at conditions within the towns. These can give descriptions of conditions near to the canal, and to its water supply.

1849 Wigan Health Report.

1852 Shipley Health Report.

1857 Skipton Health Report.


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